Jeorge G. Holmes

Coach - Leader - Teacher - Pastor - Entrepreneur - Vocalist

“You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

I have had coaches all my life. The youngest recollection was a drowning experience that left me paralyzed with fear to get near water again. My oldest brother didn’t allow fear to rule in my life. Through his coaching, encouragement, pulling, helping, teaching and just never giving up attitude, I was swimming like a shark under the water picking pennies, nickels, dimes and even quarters on the bottom of the deep end of the pool. I was rich at the end of the summer (ha). Thanks Jimbo! Coaches make all the difference in the world.

My Short Story

My story is filled with love in the midst of a fractured and dysfunctional world, which includes me. I’ve had the privilege to have a loving family, incredible wife and kids who have blessed my life deeply. There are also close friends, coaches and mentors who genuinely care and applaud any successes along with deep support whenever tragedy strikes. Each one’s life has so many ups and downs. Change and transition are very difficult and I’ve had my fair share (ie. depression, anxiety, failures, losses, struggles and success). I always hoped to bring my best to a clients life while seeking to listen, be graceful and desire to make a difference in their lives, for their benefit. Being the youngest of six, my siblings paved the way for my own desire to success through trial and error. Their “never giving up” attitude helped me to value the expression, ‘You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’. I’m inspired by those that ‘dare greatly’ on the field of life rather than those who are just spectators who critique the players on the field. I choose to be a player in the game, willing to fail, fall and then get back up to stay in the game of life. With God’s power and presence in my life, I trust that He will continue to empower, strengthen, protect and provide for me as I allow Him to open doors of next level opportunities.

My values & beliefs

Love God passionately

Jeorge is passionate about his faith and understands each person is on a spiritual journey. He was raised with timeless principles and is a Christ-follower that respects all people seeking to point people upward to believe in something greater than themselves.

Love People radically

His desire to love people comes from his family and faith. He enjoys hearing people’s unique stories and always desires to help each person feel safe, loved, valued, and significant.

Live to serve

Jesus said, “I have come to serve, not be served”. What an amazing statement in our “serve me” culture. Servant leadership starts with an attitude and inner purpose to serve others. Jeorge believes this to his core and is willing to serve as a leader. 

Jeorge Holmes

Present Responsibilities – Transformational Leadership Coaching is where Jeorge excels. He works with and helps people find their true NORTH (purpose/why) to achieve their fullest potential and desired vision for their lives. He also serves as a Soul Care Coach at – Jeorge serves as an Adjunct Professor teaching up to four courses a year on Leadership and Spiritual Formation since 2014. (Judson Alumni-1989) – Jeorge uses his vocal gift to entertain and inspire, whether in a church setting of worship or corporate venue, restaurant or private events. He performs many styles such as; Sinatra, Bennett, Martin, Buble, Presley, Bocelli, Pavarotti and more. He loves to bring joy and hope to people in these uncertain times we live. – Jeorge has been the Lead Overseer/Catalyst for the past 11 years, with 20+ volunteer coordinating leaders, 150+ volunteers, 15-20 partner churches involved to ‘meet felt-needs’ in the city of Elgin and surrounding communities. He recently received the Judson University Community Service Award (August, 2020 check out link below) – Jeorge is an Area Sales Manager to help bring leadership to an office, work with other agents and meet client needs with such products as Medicare Supplements, Final Expense, Term/IUL Products, Annuities and navigating Social Security and Retirement Strategies. 

Jeorge has been married for 37 years to his wife Toni and they have two adult children. Their oldest son (Austin) has been married to a wonderful woman (Melissa) for the past 8 years and he is presently at Northwestern University Medical Center finishing his PHD in Molecular Biochemistry. Their daughter (Jasmin) received her Criminal Justice degree from Aurora University and is presently working within the Kane County Court system……and is married to a wonderful man (Chris) and they have an eight month old daughter (MacKenzie Rae) who is such a joy to “Grandpa Jeorge” and “Nana Toni”.

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