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Empowering People To Achieve Their Fullest Potential

A “transformational leadership coach” helps individuals navigate and find their true “NORTH”, defined as their why, purpose and vision for their life.


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Uncertainty Must Be Met With Faith

Jeorge G. Holmes

Adapting To Change In Our World

Personal Life Coaching

A compass is essential whenever you embark on a journey. You are on your life’s journey and any directional change to the left or right means transition, turmoil or triumph. Personal coaching empowers a person to explore and expand the best version of themselves.


Self-Care is a challenge for most people. The statistics show that anxiety, depression and unhealthy patterns hold many people back from excelling. We place a high priority on making sure you are at your personal best so that you bring your best to influence the world.

Everyone wants to be at the top of their game, professionally and personally. A transformational coach helps discover the BEST VERSION of YOU so that your influence, experience, gifts, passion, purpose and presence is ready to fully engage. 

Greater influence in your leadership

Greater impact in your personal life

Greater energy to handle transitions

Greater self-care to be fully present

Goal Setting For Results

Coaching helps guide the greatest players  to find their zone and ‘tune in’ and ‘conquer fears’ so that ‘end-in-mind’ goals are accomplished for greatest results.

Navigating Transitions

Transitions are very difficult whether painful or profound and coaching helps clients self-discover their next steps with confidence. By using innovative thinking and creative pathways, we will help make your  transition successful.

Self-Care For Personal Health

One’s health so often is neglected and self-care and self-leadership is essential for any leader. It takes action steps with a coach to insure you are making health strides to take care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Leadership Influence

John Maxwell has stated, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” Your leadership matters. The influence factor is sky-high right now and our coaching principles will help take you to the level of leadership you desire.

Who is Coaching For?

EVERYBODY! There isn’t a person that would not benefit from personal coaching. Coaches are trainers, teachers, spiritual mentors and guides who drive towards greater levels of influence. We value anyone who has a desire to uniquely grow, become stronger, more effective and go to new levels in their lives.

Many times in life, we all hit the target but never hit the bullseye. We must value the target but also focus energy and time to hit the bullseye which will allow you to be ‘in your zone’ as much as possible. You have most likely hit the target but it’s time to hit the bullseye!

Leaders need a COACH

Don’t under-estimate the power of coaching when it comes to investing in your leadership legacy. You are worth it 

Spouses need a COACH

Marriages are full of high emotional drama that can blow out relationships. Your investment in yourself and your spouse will reap a legacy that will outlive your life. 

Start-Ups need a COACH

Whether an established business, start-up or entrepreneurial venture, coaches ask questions, listen intently and give quality feedback so that creativity, innovation and next steps are confirmed and affirmed through valued tools.

Pastors-Ministers need a COACH


Statistically, Pastors or Ministers have one of the highest stress related vocations. So often, Pastors feel threatened, unsafe and even judged through downward cycles of church life and also when great growth unfolds. Pastors need to have someone to coach them through seasons that are difficult along with times of great growth.


Young and old need a COACH

Whether you are preparing for a new venture as a young person or in the season of finishing strong in your life, every age is important to have a coach on your side to applaud the season of life you are in.

About Our Founder

Jeorge G. Holmes, Adjunct Professor at Judson University, has worked in both the business world and ministry world implementing timeless principles to engage and empower people in their life and vocation.

He uses his experience and education to inspire people to greater levels of impact and influence in their life.

He finds himself to be a self-starter, team-player and creative vision caster to move timeless principles into timely seasons of life, business and ministry. He is strategic, visionary and people-orientated. He works well with teams and staff to execute goals that lead to transformational results.

His style of coaching is through evaluating “where you are” (present reality) with “where you’ve been” (past experiences) to “where you want to go” (potential future vision).

He deeply navigates with people to find their true north.

He seeks to facilitate ‘next steps’ for individuals to be empowered and equipped to advance their best vision and version of themselves and their organization”.




“A safe place to share, no judgement, gave me room to creatively innovate and I found personal victory”


“I never knew someone could pull out deeper information that was in my brain and heart to get me to make some serious decisions that changed my life. Wow – Thanks!.”



“My faith had been on hold, even questioning my own belief about life, God and my own sense of belonging. Thanks for helping me believe again and be renewed and refocused for success personally and in my ministry”


Coaching Resources and Opportunities

Personal Bucket List

What are you dreaming about lately? Make a list of your bucket list and begin the process of executing on your dreams, visions and future. An assessment is a good place to start.

The Essentials of Goal Setting

Goal setting does not mean execution. Find exercises and tools to make goal setting truly life changing. We will help you set effective goals. 

Self-Care Retreat Journey

Finding our purpose and vision for your life isn’t always an easy process. We are able to create that setting so that your retreat empowers you to new revelations about yourself.


Do you have the courage to invest in yourself?

Invest and forge your own path TODAY with the strength of a COACH!

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